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LESH In Motion


During the 2019- 2020 school year, Adeyemi and his classmates were exposed to the wonderful world of poetry.  English class was now frequented by accomplished poets who coached the young scholars as they developed their skills. The school year cumulated with the opportunity for each student to recite their original poem to their school community and family.  During this journey, Adeyemi was knee deep in his development of LESH and design of LESH wear.  When his aunt and co-designer, Nicole (who is also an educator) had the opportunity to read Adeyemi’s poem, she immediately envisioned LESH in Motion.  LESH in Motion is LESH wear penned with original poetry. 

In 2021, Adeyemi had the opportunity of a lifetime.  He and 3 other young scholars from Harlem Academy appeared on 20/20 with the talented, and inspiring poet laureate, Amanda Gorman!  They were asked to write original poems about bravery for this television special.  Adeyemi penned his original poem, “A Brave Journey Towards Autonomy”.  This poem will be the first LESH in Motion wear and will be available in 2022.  Future LESH in Motion designs will be determined by annual poetry contests for young scholars, sponsored by LESH.

LESH in Motion aims to use poetry to inspire young scholars and to use LESH wear as their canvas and showcase to the world.

Educate. Inspire. Motivate. Dream. Lifting as we climb.

Let’s Elevate Some Hope! 

A Brave Journey Towards Autonomy

By Adeyemi Senior

The world is two sides right now.

It’s like a raging river flowing right next to a quiet stream.

It is tug of war and I am the rope.

Both sides are pulling on me, trying to get me on their side.

What if I look into their river and don't see myself?

Then turn around to their stream and I see no reflection.

I only see a human I have never known. So, I go on bravely unto a new path until I recognize something.

Something I have been craving and working for my whole life.

The courage to be autonomous.

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