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Welcome To LESH!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

A recent Google memory made me reflect on the family I have been given and the village that has been built for me.

Four years ago, about this same time of year, I was with my cousins, Cameron and Ryann at the USATF Indoor National Championships. We were all brand new to the sport of track and field. Cameron was competing in her first indoor National Championship. She was the youngest and one of the newest on the track and took home her first National medal (6th place). The very next year, she would become the National Champion in the same event (55 m). Ryann and I went on to have our own amazing achievements in this sport. In fact, Ryann is now one of the best high jumpers, in her age group, in the country.

Like the other models you see on this site, neither of them shied away from the task when I needed models for LESH. We cheer for each other on and off the track. Cameron, a business owner herself, even baked cupcakes for the models at the LESH photoshoot, without me requesting that she do so.

These are the seemingly minor gestures and actions I try never to take for granted. They show you the heart of a person. LESH is a new and small business so, believe me, there was not much to gain by becoming a LESH model. They signed their lives away. There was no compensation other than getting a sweatshirt. It was a very long day. We even had to do a second day of shooting. But the atmosphere was undeniably amazing! One could use any of their five senses to realize the level of support and encouragement in that space for me.

I am blessed. I was born into a family where I receive unwavering support. One could argue LESH may still just be an idea if it wasn't for my family encouraging me. The truth is, it took more than my family. It really does take a village!

I am so blessed. It seems that God just implanted people into my village at the right times Some have been there a long time and now their purpose in this journey has been revealed to me. Some are new to my village, and as they showed up, I knew why they were there. Often, they were answered prayer.

My village is filled with some of the most selfless people I know. They are equally brilliant and talented and use their talents to help me and others. Each month, this blog will highlight a villager that has accompanied me on this entrepreneurial journey. I hope that the upcoming highlights will encourage you not to overlook the small, kind gestures. They are all blessings! Just take a step back and reflect. While you're making this peripheral observation, assess your own village. Have you built a wall around it? Is your village open and accessible to potential villagers willing to come in and nurture you? Have you confined yourself to your own village, keeping your own talents and gifts to yourself? Have you ventured out to other villages to be for them what you have received? By now, you may be thinking, "I thought I landed on a fashion site". You did, and perhaps in the future, this blog will dabble in discussion about artistry and our own creative processes. But LESH is purposed clothing. So this blog will spend some time showing gratitude to amazing people that exude those characteristics LESH values. I hope that it will encourage someone not to give up on a dream or inspire another, to care to learn about and support someone else's dream. Welcome to LESH!!

Join LESH on this journey!

Let's Elevate Some Hope!

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